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  • Bike Swarm

    Bike Swarm

Hello, my name is Don Gavitte. My family and I have lived in NE Portland since 1999, and my wife and I plan to spend the rest of our lives in our little blue house on Flanders Street. I have taught history, philosophy & government at Grant High School for thirteen years and plan for many more. I feel it is an honor and privilege to work with adolescents, for their energy, drive, and exuberance have always made me extremely optimistic about the future. I always tell my students that they need to believe in themselves, that they can do audacious things and can achieve what might have seemed impossible at first. I plan to lead by example, by humbly asking that you consider me as your next State Representative for District 42.

My son is a freshman at Cleveland High and is as big a Timbers fan as I am. My daughter is a 5th grader at Buckman Elementary and loves the idea of a campaign for all the art project possibilities it brings (she also really loves armadillos). My wife Mary has spent her career being an advocate, planner, and champion for affordable and sustainable housing. Mary and I have always encouraged each other to think big and realize our dreams throughout our 16 years together – launching this campaign is just our latest adventure together. I am certainly a lucky man.

In an age of big money campaigns powered by consultants and focus groups, I come to you with something a little more grassroots and a lot more authentic. I started this campaign from my kitchen table. Funding has come in mostly small denominations, and many supporters have been generous with their time and services to help get the message out. BeforeMay 20th I will come to your door to ask for your vote... with your help, we can put a teacher in the Oregon House!



 NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon





Endorsed by:

NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon

Oregon Education Association

Portland Association of Teachers 





Bike Swarm



Saturday, May 10th


Ride the district with other G42 supporters.


Start: 12:30 - G42 Office (2240 NE Sandy Blvd.)


End: 3:00 - Migration Brewing (28th & NE Glisan)





District 42 Boundary


map of district 42 with the borders outlined in blue.

Interactive Map

Click this link to access a map you can zoom into to help you identify your address and whether or not it is within district 42.